Selling Your Property Tip: Use of Paint

I hate seeing something old when it’s so easy to make it look new again.

How do we do that? Through paint!

Cherie Barber International Renovator For-Profit states that she gets a $10 return for every dollar she spends on paint.

$500 on paint = $5,000 return

That is a fantastic return on investment when you’re looking to sell your property.

So what I like to do is keep it light and bright, however, I do love to create some drama on entry.

So in this home on the Central Coast wineries and beaches, we selected this beautiful emerald green from Jewel Luxe. And then we’ve styled it in that really coastal thing, this helps one to embrace the natural elements outside, but also create a lot of drama on entry.

So have a look at these pictures and tell us what you think about our color and styling.


Property specialist and award-winning interior designer, Kassandra Richards, talks about easy and effective ways to get a higher price and faster sale.

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