HOW TO GET Extra 10-20% in selling your home

Hi guys, I want to talk to you today about a big mistake that people are making. And that’s leaving 10-20% on the table for the sale of their home. And this can be money that can be grasped within 2-4 weeks, it’s not a big construction process. This is about preparing your property for sale.

Zig Ziglar said “Selling is not something that you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone” 

It’s about creating a quality product for someone to step into their future. Surely, you can also get your extra 10 to 20% on the sale of your home to step into your future with.

This was a home in Warabrook up near Newcastle in New South Wales. The clients had already had it on the market for 3 months with one offer of 600,000 and some tenants living here that keeping the place a mess. 🙁

They came to Tweaq and we came through and discuss how to prepare the property for sale and execute that work.

Once they through with the pre-sale consultation, preparation, and styling, we put it on the market, and within the first week, they’ve got 3 offers competing against each other.

And an offer was accepted for $680,000 that’s 13%!

$80,000 more than what the original offer was on the table for this property. They accepted it and it was sold within 8 days!

Check out our videos to find out some more on how you can get that extra 10 to 20% on the sale of your home.

Property specialist and award-winning interior designer, Kassandra Richards, talks about easy and effective ways to get a higher price and faster sale.

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