“People are our business. Design is what we do.” Join me at the women in construction networking event at Sydney Build.

$300k value added to a floor plan

  Add value to your property before you have even broken ground. This online design consultation added a $300k minimum value to this development. Check out how we did it.


Are you thinking about selling but don’t want to miss out on a year’s wage worth of additional cash 💵. Take our free presale checklist to make sure you’re not missing anything that could bring you the extra cash and JOY! For your future. You will also receive our top 10 tips to prepare your property 🏠 for sale.

Style your home on point and on budget.

If you can’t afford a stylist when selling your home, there are some critical points for each space that you should take into account. COLOUR When styling a property, I love to use a black and white, or a neutral […]

How people are loosing 10-20% on their home sale….

STYLE THAT SELLS Not styling a property for sale is one of the biggest mistakes I see home sellers make. I know it seems overwhelming to pack up your life and the cost of styling can be a little daunting. […]

A change is as good as a holiday. Here is your list to make your home your retreat

My home was now organised, clean and healthy and so was my family and my mental health. By doing all of this it created a space for me to look back and reflect on the last 4 years of my life and wow it was toxic, hard work and soul destroying.

How to add $20,000 Value to your Kitchen for $1,500 in just 1 day

These are simple tips to add value to your kitchen and sell your home fast, and you can do all of these without breaking the bank.

Selling Your Home is Personal.

The real estate business has become more automated with things like artificial intelligence and chatbots becoming the norm for mainstream communication. Potential buyers and sellers are getting automatic text messages and emails at alarming rates. Most of the time it’s […]

Why invest in new builds and why I like Dual Occupancy

I have been in property in many shapes and forms since my early 20’s. My first property purchase was a run down old fibro home in South Penrith NSW, which I still own. About 5 years ago we added a […]

Sell your home at a great price with Tweaq Designs

This is where a presale design consult is really important to make sure that you’re selecting finishes that are on trend.

Are you losing 10-20% on the sale of the your home by not assessing your floor plan?

Assess your floor plan, otherwise, it’s going to be detrimental to your first point of sale, your online listing. This is going to change the way that you sell your home, it’s going to change the way you list your […]


When seeing clients for pre-sale design consultations in order to prepare their home for sale, one of the biggest questions I’m asked, is which rooms should we be focusing on. Well, I would say that there are three rooms that […]

Overlooking View Property Styling Idea and Tips To Maximise Sale For Your Home

Overlooking View Property Styling Idea and Tips


AFTER BEFORE I posted some videos last week and figured I would follow it up with this weeks blog for those of you that missed out. I want you to send me in as many questions as possible on what […]

Ask Anything About Pre-Sale Property Selling

I’m gonna give you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want about how to prepare your property for sale. And maybe we can even just get you an extra 5%. I can’t promise you 10 to 20% if you’re not getting a professional service, but let’s get you at least another 5.

Selling Your Property Tip: Use of Paint

Make it look new again with a $500 investment and get $5000 return when selling your home.

HOW TO GET Extra 10-20% in selling your home

This was a home in Warabrook up near Newcastle in New South Wales. The clients had already had it on the market for 3 months with one offer of 600,000 and some tenants living here that keeping the place a mess. After our pre-sale consultation property, preparation, and styling, we put it on the market, and within the first week, they’ve got 3 offers competing against each other. And an offer was accepted for $680,000.

Property Styling Bathroom Renovation: Quick, Easy and Cheap (Without Using Tiles)

Want to renovate your bathroom? Here is a really quick and easy cheap way to do! Using V groove paneling. This is somewhat water resistant because it’s used on exteriors, besides, it gets a lot of areas done quickly and […]

Mid-century Beach House For Sale Property Styling Tips (Using Ball Lights)

Midcentury Elegant ball lights,bathroom styling ideas.

Biggest Mistake When Selling Your Home

One of the biggest push backs I hear from my clients is that the logistics outweigh the return. That the time and effort is not going to be worth what they’re going to get back and I’m telling you, you’re wrong.


Tweaq Group Pty Ltd has just been announced as one of the 2017’s Corian Design Awards winners. Kassandra Richards, owner and head designer is quoted saying “It has been a privilege to be announced along side some of the biggest names in Australian design and we are absolutely elated.