Ask Anything About Pre-Sale Property Selling

I’m in Sydney today on my way to see a client about a pre-sale consultation and we’re going to try to get them 10 to 20%  more on the sale of their home, so their family can step into their future with joy.

But it really started to make me think about those families that perhaps can’t afford a professional service like myself, but still, want to sell their property and get an extra sale.

So here’s what you can do…

I’m gonna give you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want about how to prepare your property for sale.

 And maybe we can even just get you an extra 5%. I can’t promise you 10 to 20% if you’re not getting a professional service, but let’s get you at least another  5.

If your home price is $500,000, that’s an extra $25,000.

So, post as many questions as you can and I’m going to collect the top 10 questions.

I’m gonna post those next week so stay tuned! And make sure you’re posting lots of questions.


Property specialist and award-winning interior designer, Kassandra Richards, talks about easy and effective ways to get a higher price and faster sale.

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