I posted some videos last week and figured I would follow it up with this weeks blog for those of you that missed out. I want you to send me in as many questions as possible on what you want to know to prepare your property for sale to get a higher price and faster sale. This is tax free money that people are potentially missing out on if it is their home, their primary place of residence. I am finding people are missing out on 10-20% of the sales price they could receive when selling their home. This money goes towards your families future and I want to help you access it as quickly as possible.

I was driving to a property last week where I was going to do a pre-sale design consultation for a client. This is where we go through the home and come up with a design strategy to get the best return on investment with in a few weeks to maximise sale price and obtain a fast sale making sure we don’t leave any money on the table. These consultations are a fantastic ROI but it made me start to wonder about those out there that perhaps can’t afford it. They may not be able to afford a professional, like myself to come in and tell them how they can optimise their sale, or can’t afford trades to come and do the suggested work or have a stylist come in with furniture hire. This brings me to our recommended 3 step process. This is our secret recipe to get that 10-20% more. With the market in it’s current state this is required not only to get a great result but in some cases just to get it SOLD. We get great results and in short periods of time. 10-20% more on the sales price and offers coming in on the first open home. How do we do it?


  1. Pre-Sale Consultation
  2. Property Preparation
  3. Property styling / home staging

This process has been so successful that we are now being approached by Air B&B home owners to optimise their Air B&B rental.

Sooooo! what I want to do is give you the opportunity to ask some questions. If you can’t afford to get a professional in this is your chance for some free advice. Ask as many questions as you like, wether it is what you should do to the home, what products to use or how to style. Once you have done this I will be putting together my top 10 tips, and I can’t promise you 10-20% if your not having everything TWEAQED but if you follow my strategy  I can guarantee you are likely to get a further 5% minimum. On a $500k home that is a minimum of an additional $25,000. So take this opportunity to ask me as many questions as you like. I am then going to collate them into a top 10 and post it at the end of this week and also again the following week for you to download. If you are selling your home this is an opportunity to get free advice and if you are a realestate agent this is an opportunity to get some quality info that you can print out and pass onto your clients. So get cracking and write out a list of question and throw the at me. There is no restriction on how many just get them in. I have attached some before and afters below for you so you can be inspired and maybe come up with some questions or ideas for your space. So tell me….. What do you want to know?




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