Overlooking View Property Styling Idea and Tips To Maximise Sale For Your Home

Hey guys! We’re here on the Central Coast renovating a home at Lake Munmorah and we will be adding in a servery window to highlight the wonderful view outside.

The home has an old glass slider door and what we’ve done is we put a lounge up against it. Eventually, we will install a servery window where you can put your glass of wine in it. And we’ll be installing a bench seat on the other side of the window, which can become your indoor/outdoor BBQ area and sitting space. This will maximise the space and the key point of this property which is the home’s stunning view of the water on the lake. And that is the key element of this property, we’ve got a tiny deck which will eventually be extending but at the moment, we want to frame it up so we can get the maximum value for sale.

So stay tuned and we’ll show you what it looks like.

Business owner, designer, stylist and mum.

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