Selling Your Home is Personal.

The real estate business has become more automated with things like artificial intelligence and chatbots becoming the norm for mainstream communication. Potential buyers and sellers are getting automatic text messages and emails at alarming rates. Most of the time it’s functional, impersonal and chokes your inbox. This may be good for the functionality and time saving of a business, but when it comes to selling homes IT’S PERSONAL! This step in life’s journey is big, and entrusting an agent with your financial future is risky when selling your biggest asset.


When I meet with clients, we are often dealing with deceased estates, divorce or downsizing. These are not automated steps in life and can’t be treated as one. When it comes to someone selling their home it must be treated with careful consideration.


By taking a more personalised approach, the homeowner is then treated as an individual, not as a number by a team of professionals.  These professionals have the knowledge and expertise in each area of the selling/buying process as we learn about their situation and connect with them on a personal level. 


By assessing the home properly and not just throwing it on the market like everyone else, Tweaq aims to achieve the best possible outcome.  By moving forward together you build trust. Let me remind you, real estate agents are in the top 3 most untrusted professions alongside lawyers and car salesmen. Building trust when obtaining a property for sale is an agent’s biggest challenge. All the automation processes add further distance between the Agent and the Seller which goes against the formation of trust. I always recommend selling through an agent but I don’t recommend any agent to sell.


Agents often get concerned with stats and outcomes and how it affects their brand, as they should, but stats and numbers aren’t important when it comes to peoples stories and the reason behind a sale. Ultimately I have worked out that a good agent wants the same outcome as a wise seller, High Price, Fast Sale, Easy Sale. A bad agent only wants the latter 2, fast and easy, remember an extra $100k for you is only an extra $2k on his 2% commission and often agents just want to turn over their stock. What these agents don’t understand is that by caring about the higher price you are not only ticking all the boxes for the client, but you will achieve the fast and easy sale as well. This is why a seller should search out an agent that is after all 3 outcomes.


I have been in the design and property development industries for over a decade now in both commercial and residential capacity. I have worked with business owners on shop fit-outs, developers on multi-residential and in the private industry on high-end homes. I have seen how the element of design increases the value and desire of property in all of these industries.

When my husband was sick a few years ago and couldn’t work, we had to look at selling the first home we ever lived in due to financial stress. It was where we had our first 2 sons and where I started my then very small business.  So it was a very personal and emotional time for us as a family. I decided to apply my years of knowledge when preparing our property for sale and after 2 weeks of light renovations and property preparation at the cost of $20,000 we sold our property for an additional $70,000. 

Before Photo


After Photo

I thought about our situation and how when in a vulnerable state we had to do something so stressful on top of the pressure our family was already under. In saying that, I thought about what we achieved in such a short period of 2 weeks because of the knowledge I had gained in the industry and how I could help others. I had gained almost the average of a full years wage in 2 weeks and when my husband hadn’t worked in 9 months this was a Godsend. Keep in mind if this is your home that is a years wage tax-free.

Often what people don’t understand is that when someone is selling their home there is more to the story. For me, it was that my husband wasn’t well and I had a family of 5 to look after while juggling 3 kids and full-time business. For some it is that they are in the middle of a painful divorce or have just experienced the death of a loved one and now have to sell the family home, maybe it is the same as what our family went through with the illness of a loved one and the financial strain it caused. 

What I believe in is family and understanding someone’s story. My agent took the time to understand mine and I want to take the time to understand yours and assist you to make the best decisions possible when preparing a home for sale. By doing this we are helping average families to break free from some of the pain life can dish out and get the best out of a bad situation, so they can sell their property, get 10-20% more and step into their future with joy.


If you want to asses your home for sale check out our free checklist HERE.

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