Sell your home at a great price with Tweaq Designs

The big mistake I see people make is that they think they have a designer’s eye when they don’t.

And this is where a prefab design consult is really important to make sure that you’re selecting finishes that are on trend. I’ve seen homes literally dated by a fresh coat of paint. I’ve seen violet walls that are supposed to be gray or yellow walls that were supposed to be cream.

So this is where it’s really important to make sure that you’ve got a professional in for your presale design consultation. They’ll help you select all these finishes and potentially fixtures so that it adds value to your home and doesn’t depreciate it. This is going to help you make sure that you’re selecting things that are on trend, in fashion and making your home look new again.

We’ll make sure you get this right so that you can add value to the home, sell it at a great price in a fast sale so you can step into your family’s future with joy.

Business owner, designer, stylist and mum.

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