Biggest Mistake When Selling Your Home

One of the biggest push backs I hear from my clients is that the logistics outweigh the return.

That the time and effort is not going to be worth what they’re going to get back and I’m telling you, you’re wrong.

I’m here at Nords Wharf today seeing clients that have already sold their property with our help and they walked out with an extra $80,000 on the sale of their home.

They can now use that money to renovate their family home at this beautiful location and step into their future with joy.

So I’m telling you that the return will always outweigh the logistics. They would not have got that $80,000 if they didn’t prepare their home for sale.

We use our 3-step process when preparing home for sale:

STEP 1: Pre-sale consultation

STEP 2: Property preparation

STEP 3:  Property Styling

These are the 3 components to get that extra 10 to 20% on the sale of your home.

Property specialist and award-winning interior designer, Kassandra Richards, talks about easy and effective ways to get a higher price and faster sale.

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