A change is as good as a holiday. Here is your list to make your home your retreat

Healthy home, healthy mind. This has never resonated with me more than it has in the last 6 months. I am a mum of 3 amazing boys. I suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety with all of my births and had a total of 6 months of maternity leave across my 3 babies. Throughout all of this, I felt I managed to keep my family and my business afloat. Recently, however, my world hit an unexpected change when my 15 year marriage fell apart. Words can’t explain the deep sense of loss of control where someone else’s decisions were taking my life. Despite the shock and trauma of the situation and the challenge that I now faced in reassuring my three brave boys that everything was going to be ok, I can honestly say that I have never been in a better place. I’m so proud and thankful for the healthy home that I have established in this season for myself and my kids, and the faith driven life that has guided me here.

My journey started with decluttering. A cluttered home creates a cluttered head and as my world began to fall apart I found that not only was my heart affected, but my head felt overwhelmed as well. I began to make small changes and in doing so felt like I was being handed back control over my world and the world of my children. I’ve listed some of the steps that I took as I journeyed through this season. 

  1. Declutter me. 

I started with the small spaces, spaces I could finish in just an hour or two, this meant I had a sense of achievement but wasn’t wearing myself out. First my pantry, then linen press, bathroom cupboards and so on. Each week was a new nook or cupboard to take control of and my last and most therapeutic was my wardrobe where I bagged up my soon to be ex-husbands items and turned our bedroom into MY sanctuary.

2. Declutter the kids- A gift to my children 

As I went through my journey of decluttering I realised the emotional release, peace, and control I was regaining back over my life. Seeing the toll that our separation had taken on our children was heartbreaking, anxiety, anger, and total confusion crossed their little faces daily. I decided that this therapy of “declutter” would be something I could gift my children. We, together slowly sorted through each toy and game and then moved to their clothing and shoes accessing each piece until everything had its place. You would be surprised at the peace this gave our household. The children were now dressing themselves as it was all visible and accessible. Playtime was followed up with pack up time and a race to a clean lounge room. “Right if you are 4 you clean up the train tracks if your 6 you’re on lego if your 9 your on nerf guns and bullets. GO!”. Life had never run so smoothly. Organising with my kids had given both them and myself some power back over our lives, and they thrived. 

SIDE NOTE: I use IKEA’s STUVA / FRITIDS. Toybox by day cute bench seat or side table by night. AKA kids play by day and adults sanctuary by night.

2. Bring in new life

I have always been a summer person and loved the outdoors but for those first few months after my marriage broke down, I was a hermit. My state was reminiscent of my house ridden seasons suffering postnatal depression. I decided on baby steps. If I couldn’t bring myself to get dressed and outside I would bring the outside in. I slowly added indoor plants to our home and as I researched plants to go indoors that I couldn’t kill I discovered some fascinating and beautiful facts about just how much they can restore the human condition. Plants improve air quality, concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for your home and your head. Aloe vera is great for air quality and Peace lilies literally look thirsty when in need of a drink.


There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.” I love this because I think it helps to realise that beauty is in the imperfections of life. Even if our story isn’t playing out how we envisaged it the light will always find its way in. Have you ever stepped outside and felt the sun on your skin like the goodness is penetrating through to your soul spurring on new life? That’s because it does. Natural lighting makes you happier, healthier, calmer and has been proven to help with productivity. Natural light also regulates some disorders including SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Sunlight is the primary method in which people receive a sufficient amount of vitamin D whether it is indoors or out. So open those blinds and let there be light. 

SIDE NOTE: I love a white sheer curtain which creates a beautiful soft look in the home, helps with privacy but also lets the natural light in. Curtain Wonderland has great options and pricing. 


As someone who has studied colour therapy and has seen the odd therapist or two, take it from me it is a “thing”. It dates back to ancient Egypt and can be directly linked to emotions, appetite, and motivation. If a change is what you need paint is the most cost effective and easy way to change a space. I did this only 1 month after my husband left and it gave me 2 direct emotions. I felt like my home was mine and no longer held bad memories, and it helped me to love my safe place again. This can be a beautiful way to step into the replenished you. I want to give you a gift. As you are someone who is constantly giving let me give you a moment to take. This gift is to inspire you to create your healthy home & mind and help you to love your home and yourself again. 

GIFT: Download your free colour palette and mood board with tips to create your sanctuary. The code is 30MMLOVE and will last until the end of June so create your calm ladies by owning your sanctuary. Normally $25.


Business owner, designer, stylist and mum.

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