Top 10 Tips to Tweaq Your Home For Sale…

These are the top 10 tips to prepare your property and get more for your home sale.

#1 MISTAKE: I can’t afford to do anything

If your budget is tight invest your time rather than money. My suggestion? Start with paint. Sherry Barber international renovator for profit states that for every $1 spent on paint she gets a $10 return. $500 worth of paint $5,000 return. Paint isn’t just for walls. You can freshen up old tiles and kitchen cabinets allowing even more ROI.

#2 MISTAKE: Assuming buyers see value

You want people to visualise themselves in the space. Clean up and remove all personal items, photos, kids toys and make the bed no one wants to buy someone else’s life or mess.

#3 MISTAKE: Only the inside matters

Clean up the gardens and mow the lawns. The front of the house is the first impression and the backyard is the last space they will see before exiting. It doesn’t have to cost a cent.

#4 MISTAKE: Dark spaces

Window dressings can make a dramatic change to a room letting in natural light while blocking out anything ugly outside. Throw white sheers with a simple rod over any window and get rid of the heavy blinds that are blocking out any natural light.

#5 MISTAKE: Thinking all sales campaigns are the same

Photography, Videos and aerial shots especially near water or city centres are great to show location. Not all on line listings are the same. Work the system and get up top first.

Quality agents are worth every penny but they are hard to find. Go to other open homes to find the right agent and do your research.

#6 MISTAKE: Kitchen and bathrooms cost too much to reno

These are the top 2 rooms that sell a home. However, they are the most expensive to reno so take a good look and see how you might be able to Tweaq them rather than replace them. Tile paint, changing handles or even just replacing tap ware can be a game changer for these spaces. If they are beyond a tweak, reno the kitchen. Kitchens are the hub of the home and where people spend more time, They are likely to add $50,000 if done well, where the bathroom will only add around $20,000. The ROI will always be more on a kitchen.

#7 MISTAKE: My home looks good just as it is.

Your home is yours and there for your style. A neutral palette, functionality, and scale are the things you should be showing when styling. If your bedrooms can fit a double bed then do it. If there is a nook that could be turned into a study then show them how. This not only effects the aesthetic but also how you can list your home online.

#8 MISTAKE: Using low-quality photos

Please don’t use your iphone to sell you $500,000 home. Enough said!

#9 MISTAKE: Not touching the 5 SENSES

Hit as many senses as possible when trying to sell your home. The more senses you hit the bigger the signature left in their minds. You would remember the home that smelt bad so why wouldn’t you remember the one that smelt good.

#10 MISTAKE: No assessment of the floor plan.

People rarely think about this fact and it is a big one when preparing your property for sale. It doesn’t have to be major construction it may just be putting a door on a 3rd lounge room or study to make a 4th bedroom or even just the way furniture is placed to maximise the usage in a space and this is where styling can come in really handy to tell the story about a space instead of constructing it. We once turned a 2 bedroom 1 lounge, 1 dinging into a 3 bedroom 2 lounge 1 dining with only a door and furniture layout and no construction. This changes your value and the way you list your property widening your market.


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